Open Operator Station, Bucket, 5 1 Stick, Control Pattern Changer, Thumb Bracket, 12" Track Belts, CE Plate, Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel
Open Operator Station, 18 Tooth Bucket, Swing Boom, Manual Coupler, 4 4 Stick, Thumb Bracket, Backfill Blade, 12" Track Belts, Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel
100 Ton Capacity, Main & Auxiliary Hoist Drums, 42 Retracted Boom Length, 128 Extended Boom Length, 35 Minimum Jib Length, 60 Maximum Jib Length, Rooster Sheave, 100 Ton Load Block, Overhaul Ball, Air Conditioner, Heater, Load Moment Indicator, Cab Tilt, 35,240 lbs. of Counterweight, Cummins Diesel Engine, 36" Track Shoes
GREENMAX APOLO C200 compactor is designed especially for EPS recycling and it can work at a high ratio of 50:1 which means if you put 50mloose foam into the hopper, the machine will crush the foam into pieces and then compress the pieces into EPS blocks which are 50 times smaller than before. In addition, the applicable materials also include XPS, EPP, food trays and cups. GREENMAX EPS compacto...
Lease To Own! No Rental! No Credit Check! 72 Aerodyne Sleeper, Upper Bunk, CAT C15, 475 HP, Engine Brake, 10SPD (RTO16910B), 40, 000LB Rear Ends, 3.36 Ratio, Flex Air Suspension, Dump Valve, Hydra...
Lease Purchase with only $6500.00 down. No Balloon Payment. Last payment you get title. ***C15 ACERT, 435 HP, 255 WB, 3.36 Rears, 13 SPD
Enclosed Cab, Air Conditioner, Heater, Air Ride Seat, 42 Tooth Bucket, 9' 6 Stick, Auxiliary Hydraulic Plumbing, Rear View Camera, Straight Line Travel Pedal, Hydraulic Thumb, 31" Track Shoes
50 Ton Capacity, Main &Auxiliary Hoist Drums, 33 5" Minimum Main Boom Length, 108 3 Maximum Main Boom Length, 28' 9" to 50' Swing Away Jib, Rooster Sheave, Load Block, Overhaul Ball, Heater, Load Moment Indicator, Mitsubishi Diesel Engine, 3-Way Steering, 23.5-25 Tires **No title available. A bill of sale will be provided to transfer ownership upon request**
Open Operator Station, Auxiliary Hydraulic Plumbing, 17" Track Belts, Manual Coupler, 74" Wide General Purpose Smooth Edge Bucket, Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel $250 Fixed Transaction Fee WARRANTY AVAILABLE
1997 Freightliner FLD 120 Daycab truck 10spd, 2-110gal fuel tanks, 28575R24.5 drive tires 10, fronts 80, spring ride, A.C., 180 Wheelbase,
Enclosed Cab, Air Conditioner, Heater, 77 Smooth Edge Bucket, 14 Stick, 25.5" Track Shoes, Boom Check Valve, Stick Check Valve