Shaved Ice Equipment Everything to start making high profits

Not may businesses have a profit margin close to shaved ice. This equipment is ready to go, just add ice, some sugar and you will be making money. Included is the industry standard "Hawaii's Finest Shaved Ice Machine 1027" (search this) enough flavor concentrate to pay for all of this equipment 2 cases of cups straws carry containers 20 gallon mixing container wall mounted cup dispensers Machine has a new blade and is adjusted and ready to go. This is a "shaved ice unit, not a snow cone type that just grinds the ice, you can literally have a snow ball battle with the super fine snow this machine produces, Please search the 1027 machine, it is the industry standard for shaved ice cube machines, and using cubes you can get them anyplace anytime, block machines are fine machines but are very limited because of the block ice. This is the same heavy duty machine you will see at fairs and carnivals, it has a 100%dutyty cycle and will keep going and going! Again Everything is included to start your business, perfect for in a van or truck, can be run on an inverter if you just have 12 volt . Ready to go and make money. This is the time. 80% profit not many businesses have anything near that. Possible trades considered of gold or silver scrap $2,500.00 OBO. You will pay for all this equipment in a week if you are mobile, I have always believed that it is better to go to the customer than have the customer come to you. Call or text 505 410 1885, Calls only 337 212 1803
Updated 24-Jun-2013